Database on Basic Documents of Japan-ASEAN Relations

Department of Advanced Social and International Studies, University of Tokyo



Joint Statement of ASEAN+3 In Support of the Sovereignity, Territorial Integrity and National Unity Of Indonesia

Bangkok, thailand, 24-25 july 2000



The Foreign Ministers of ASEAN member countries, the Peoplefs Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, took the opportunity of their first meeting in Bangkok, 26 July 2000, to reiterate their strong support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of Indonesia.



The Foreign Ministers commended the approach undertaken by the Indonesian Government in its efforts to reach a peaceful solution to its problems in Aceh and Irian Jaya (Papua) through dialogue and reconciliation consistent with its efforts to maintain the momentum of political and economic reforms. They commended the efforts and measures taken by the Indonesian Government to restore peace and order in these provinces and encouraged the international community to support the Indonesian Government in its humanitarian relief efforts to the people in need.



The Foreign Ministers reaffirmed that the stability and prosperity of Indonesia would positively contribute to the peace, stability and prosperity of the Asian region as a whole.