A Grant-in-Aid Creative Scientific Research 2003-2008
Funded by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology[Japanese Government]

A Study on Dynamism of Social Order
with Application of the Multi-Agent Simulator
What's multi-agent simulation? Explanations about multi-agent approach in
This research project has started in July 2003, funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology [Japanese Government].

This is a pioneering project that aims to provide a new research methodfor all social scientists. Multi-agent (agent-based) simulator is a promisingtool for social scientists and we try to provide a well-arranged environmentfor this new approach.

Using this new tool, we will try to disclose the mechanisms and processeshidden under the change of social order. As complexity studies has demonstrated,most phenomena in the universe, especially social phenomena, contain complexinteraction among heterogeneous elements and even very simple interactionsgive birth to unpredictable dynamism. Multi-agent simulator will provideus a very fruitful understanding of this interaction and its results.

We issued the trial version ot thr simulator in March 2005 with collaborationof KOZO KEIKAKU Engineering Inc [KKE]. Now [March 2006] we plan to release it with a new name
"artisoc". You can get much more information about artisocand KK-MAS series from here [sorry! now only in Japanese]

You can examine the models constructed by
artisoc by artisoc player.
artisoc player is availabe here[English] for free !

This site aims to publicize our efforts and achievements for all audienceswho have any interest in this new approach. Useful information and interestingfindings for this method and tool are available in this site.

We have a course for undergraduate students about artisoc at University of Tokyo and the contents will be available at UTOpenCourseware site soon [March 2006].

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What's PlatBox?[Japanese] This is another software for this approcah and this tool
was developed by one of our member, Takashi IBA.
Working papers produced in this project are available here.
Models with application of JAVA KK-MAS are available here. We will prepare movies
to check models' behavior without softare itself..
Other activities and achievements will be presented here [a list of essays,
workshops, tutorials, presentations in various meetings]
Links to other reseach organizetions and project members.

What's artisoc [former JAVA KK-MAS]? Explanations about a usefull tool for this
approach. This software enables any researcher to use this approch veryeasily and as
they want..